6th Athens International Theatre/Drama & Education Conference

The Hellenic Theatre/Drma & Education Network (TENet-Gr)
celebrating its 10th birthday, organises the
"Theatre & Education at Centre Stage"
27-28-29-30 March 2008, Athens, Greece

Call for papers (Working Groups), workshops and short performances:
All proposals in Word format, before 1/11/2007,
to the Conference coordinator Nikos Govas: theatro@theatroedu.gr
Language: English

A) PAPER-PRESENTATION: We are particularly interested in presentations which describe and analyse innovative practice (should not just describe the practice, but articulate the theory which underpins it); theoretical presentations which show a clear understanding of the relationship of the theory to developments in practice; presentations which explore the policy and politics which affect arts education; presentations which explore the cultural setting of the Arts.

Innovative theoretical articles, research or applications (projects) are welcomed for one of the following 4 Working Groups (WG):
a) WG1: Theatre/Drama & Formal education (curriculum planning and development, assessment, teacher training, project -based learning, artists in schools, arts appreciation and related issues)
b) WG2: Theatre/Drama & Socio-cultural Changes (environmental issues, intercultural issues, social integration, peace and non-violence issues, conflict resolution, addiction, special needs & artistic creativity, theatre/drama in a multimedia world, non formal education)
c) WG3: Theatre/Drama & Research and Practice (ethical dialogues, impact assessment, new theatrical expressions in a multimedia world, the changing face and role of the Arts, access to the Arts, public interest and financial imperatives, what use are the arts? Evidence of the effect of the Arts: human right or commercial product?)
d) WG4: Arts & Education: Policies & Priorities (the role of Arts education, planning and delivering Arts education, national and international institutions policies) (please see pages at www.TheatroEdu.gr for Working Group procedure)

Proposals for Paper-Presentation in a WG must include -in english:
a) Title of the article
b) Full name, title, workplace and contact details of author (s) as it will appear in Conference material
c) An abstract of 500 words (as it will appear in Conference Program)
d) Short CV of authors of 150-170 words
Presentation time in the Working Group: 10 min. Language: English
Authors must specify for which Working Group they send their article.
Conference Proceedings: successful applicants must submit full article of 3,500-4,000 words by 15th of January 2008

B) PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS: Workshops within the Conference are 2.5 hours or 5 hours long with appox. 20 participants.
Proposals for practical workshops must include – in English
a) Title of the workshop
b) Full name, title, workplace and contact details of facilitator(s) as it will appear in Conference Program
c) Workshop description up to 250-300 words as it will appear in Conference material. Please include details as to whom this will be most beneficial (target group), level of previous training needed, if there are any physical restrictions and details, in order to help conference delegate choose.
d) Short CV of facilitators of 150-170 words
Conference proceedings: Articles related to the workshop must be 3,000-3,500 words to be published in the Conference proceedings and must be send to Organisation Committee by 15th of April 2008.
Language: English

C) SHORT PERFORMANCES: Organizers welcome proposals of short performances.

Facilities: For Paper Presentations organisers can provide projector and computer.
For practical workshops: a normal size classroom with marble floor. Facilitators will need to bring all workshop material needed. Please inform us well in advance if you need anything … unusual!

1 November 2007: deadline for submission of proposals for papers, workshops, Performances
15 December 2007: successful applicants will be informed
15 January 2008: full Working Groups articles and must arrive for Conference Proceedings
15 April 2008: full workshop articles must arrive for Conference Proceedings

Please visit www.TheatroEdu.gr for applications, Conference organization, partners, Academic-Advisory Committee and other useful info.

Secretary: ++30-2106541600, info@theatroedu.gr
Post address: 17th November st., No 99, Athens 15562 - Greece


Date start: Thu 27 March 2008
Date end: Sun 30 March 2008
Country: Greece
City: Athen


Name: Nikos Govas
Organisation: The Hellenic Theatre/Drma & Education Network (TENet-Gr)
Phone: +30-2106541600
E-mail: theatro@theatroedu.gr
URL: www.TheatroEdu.gr

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