IDEA World Congress 2007

The next IDEA World Congress will take place in Hong Kong, from July 16th-22nd 2007. The theme of the Congress will be ‘plAnting ideAs’. In Chinese, this means:
‘it takes ten years to grow trees, but one hundred years to nurture a good generation of men and women’.

The Congress title capitalizes two ‘As’ to delineate two important anniversary events: the 100th anniversary of Chinese modern theatre and the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s reunification with mainland China.

The 2007 Congress emphasizes inclusiveness. A wide and comprehensive range of ideAs and practices of drama and theatre-in-education will be shared. There will also be an additional focus on ideAs and practices from Chinese communities all over the world.

Progress Report

The organization of the 2007 Congress in Hong Kong is now well under way. The main venues will be the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Queen Elizabeth Stadium.

The organizing committee is coordinated by Mok Chiu Yu and Dr. Cheung Ping Kuen and made up of virtually the whole of the Executive Committee of Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum (TEFO), headed by Chairwoman Ms Phoebe Chan Yuk Lan. Right now there exist the Academic Committee, Finance and Resource Committee, and Programme Committee working under the organizing committee. A full time secretariat was set up after the celebrations of the Lunar New Year, at the beginning of February 2006.

An International Congress Committee of advisors is being set up and the complete list of members will be announced and endorsed at the General Council Meeting of IDEA in Moster (May 26-28 2006). People, particularly younger members of IDEA, can approach us if they are interested in joining.

The organization of the Congress has been benefited from visits by our President Dan Baron Cohen (Brazilian Association of Art-Educators) twice to Hong Kong, and by other senior members of IDEA: John O'Toole (Drama Australia), Beng Cabangon (PETA), Robin Pascoe (Drama Australia) and Nicolas Lucien (ANRAT). We are looking forward to a visit to Hong Kong from the Ottawa Congress Director of IDEA 2004, Wayne Fairhead (Theatre Canada) in the summer of 2006.

The Congress will be run along the line of Congresses in the past. We are however trying to organize a 'polycentric' conference with ten to a dozen focuses. We want to have keynotes in which three 'keynoters' will be carrying out a public dialogue (a trilogue?) between themselves. There will be one keynote workshop where all participants will take part, most likely on the second day of the conference. In additions to the keynotes, workshops, paper presentations, we shall of course keep the 'special interest groups'. We will have 'keyholes' (presentations in theatrical forms). We will also be running an afternoon video/film programme in four of the days of our Congress.

We are planning also extended workshops that last for 3 days or more (18 hours in total or more) to allow interested participants to actually explore in greater depth a particularly methodology or approach in Hong Kong before and after the Congress. It maybe possible for us to organize some of the post-Congress activities in cities in China or Asia. We will be ready to call for papers and register by July 2006.

We organized an Asian Cities Planting Ideas Conference in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei in the summer of 2005 and something similar will be held again in 2006, possibly in Manila and Kaosiung. Such smaller conferences pave the way for the world gathering in 2007. There will be more and more information on our website: Our email address is

We welcome enquiries!