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E-Boletim June - July 2012

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General Council Meeting of IDEA

The GCM was held in Wellington, New Zealand from 21st to 23rd April 2012, following the Drama New Zealand Conference. Drama New Zealand hosted the GCM and kindly arranged rooms for meetings and offered workshop leadership possibilities to some of the delegates and officers to help defray their costs. We thank Drama NZ and in particular Kim Bonnington and Rachel Steele for their support and kindness throughout. The GCM was less well attended than usual but there were countries represented that have not attended GCMs previously. It is important that an international organisation holds its GCMs and Congresses in different world regions. The GCM was Chaired by Steven Clarke. The minutes are being collated and will be sent to members soon.

The President visited and worked with IDEA members in South Korea (KADE), Hong Kong (TEFO) and the Philippines (PETA), en route to and from the GCM in New Zealand as well as meeting specifically with Drama Australia and Drama New Zealand representatives whilst in New Zealand.

IDEA Congress 2013 in Paris – 8th to 13th July 2013

The website for the above is now open. Please visit:

World Alliance for Arts Education

WAAE is an important alliance of arts organisations for Art, Music, Dance and Drama that are working for the benefit of learners, educators and artists around the world. IDEA is a founder member. WAAE has good links with UNESCO.

The current Executive Council of the WAAE consists of the Presidents or their representatives:

InSEA - Rita Irwin

ISME - Margaret Barrett

WDA - Ralph Buck

IDEA - Patrice Baldwin

Professor Ralph Buck came to the end of his term as Chair of the WAAE on June 1st 2012 and the position has now passed to Rita Irwin, the President of InSEA for the next year. Ralph will remain on the WAAE Executive Council as representative of WDA and immediate past Chair. IDEA’s past President Dan Baron Cohen preceded Ralph Buck as the Chair, so the rotating Chair has so far been with IDEA, WDA and now InSEA.

Certainly IDEA benefits from being part of WAAE and IDEA thanks Ralph for his clear and visionary leadership, sustained hard work and determination in further developing and promoting WAAE and strengthening its links with UNESCO. The WAAE has been given a voice on the world stage by UNESCO at its World Congress in Seoul Korea and more recently at their launch of the 1st UNESCO International Arts Education Week in Paris at the end of May, 2012. The former President of IDEA, Dan Baron Cohen was instrumental in the early development of WAAE and held the position of Chair before Ralph Buck.

WAAE World Summit in Rovaniemi, Finland, Nov 7-9, 2012

The next major event for WAAE is the World Summit in Rovaniemi, Finland, Nov 7-9, 2012. See: The WAAE Executive Council (which includes IDEA President) is being hosted by the University of Lapland and each organisation has invited 16 arts educators who are in positions that may enable them to influence future international policy development, research, advocacy and networking. Keynote speakers for IDEA include Patrice Baldwin (President), Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare (Vice President) and Professor Samuel Leong (Director of Research).

Should you have any questions about this event or WAAE please contact Patrice Baldwin IDEA President

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International Conferences held by IDEA member organisations:


STOP PRESS >>>>> Iceland – August 6th to 22nd 2012 ‘Earth – Air – Water - Fire’, the 7th Nordic Congress Drama Boreale, University of Iceland, School of Education. Full details awaited and will be posted on the IDEA website.

You are welcome to send your news and related activities information before the 21st of each month to the IDEA Director of Communication.


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